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Well-being project in Romania

LECS is looking for 10 partner organizations to take part in a training course in Romania on the topic of well-being.

We would like to point out that we are referring to well-being not only focusing on physical health, but as “a journey of unfolding the unique potential by developing the mental, emotional, physical aspects, in relation to oneself, the others and the environment.” (adapted from Learning For Well-being definition).

During the 7 days of the training the participants will learn more about how each is functioning and managing oneself and his/her emotions, how is formulating a life purpose, how each is relating with others and the world.

In creating this project we want to work with partners that are interested in the topic of well-being.

Bellow and attached you will find details about the project, the collaboration with partners, and how to become one.


Title: “Being Well-Being You”

Venue: Sibiu, Romania

Dates: 26 August- 2 September  2015 (excluding travel days)

Partners:  10 partners from EU member countries

Number of participants: 2 participants with no age limit from each partner group

Conditions: This project is going to be financed under the ERASMUS+ program. According to this, we will cover the costs of the project with the rules of the European Commission which are specified for “Erasmus +” Programme. (A unit cost of the travel costs will be reimbursed after the project, 100% of accommodation and food costs are covered during the program).


  • To create a safe environment for 20 participants to share and learn together for 7 days;
  • For the 20 participants to develop a better understanding about what well-being is for themselves,
  • To stimulate local initiatives related to well-being for the 20 participants, on intrapersonal, interpersonal or community level.

Target group: 20 people satisfying the following criteria:

– are youth workers, staff and members of organisations active in the youth field, project coordinators, trainers and other people involved in the NGO work,

– are interested in well-being as we defined it and in its promotion through the work they carry out.

– are interested in developing and understanding themselves and others better,

– are committed on a long term, willing to be involved in activities also after the training course


As a partner organization your most important tasks are to:

– support us in the submission of the project to the Erasmus+ program,

– promote the project in your country and select at least 2 participants corresponding to the target group,

– support the participants in their initiatives after the training course,

– promote the results of the project.

If you want to get involved in other ways or if some of the proposed tasks are not suitable for you, please contact us and we see what we can do.


How to become a partner?

What is important for us, is to have partners that are really interested in the project and to customize it to your needs. Therefore we created a questionnaire on well-being and we kindly ask you to have at least 2 potential participants (from your organization) filling it in.


In order for your organization to apply to become a partner please:

– ask at least 2 potential participants from the organization to submit the questionnaire (click »).

send us the mandate (click »).

– fill and send the partnership form, containing questions that will help us complete the application form (click »),

– send these before the 19th of January first by e-mail to [email protected] and then by post.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Looking forward for fruitful partnerships and valuable projects,