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The League for Education, Culture and Sport is a non governmental organization born out of the desire of youth to build a better future for the society.

Vision: People working together for a healthy and harmonious society;

Aim: To create development experiences for youth;

Mission: To empower youth to re-create communities.


  • To contribute to the personal and the professional education and development of young people;
  • To create intercultural experiences;
  • To protect youth rights;
  • To promote European values;
  • To encourage active citizenship;
  • To promote cultural diversity;
  • To encourage and to develop international youth exchanges;
  • To promote and to encourage an authentic voluntary work;
  • To support diversity and non discrimination;
  • Increasing the awareness and promoting a healthy life;

Our team is composed of young people with experience in different domains, so that we can cover an extremely large area, absolutely necessary for developing professional youth programs.

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