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I am “Creating communities

I am happy that I was born from the passion of some people for the human rights, for non-discrimination and diversity, from their desire to rearrange the values of some communities.

The idea
My aim is to challenge 20 young people, 18-30 years old, to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding human rights education, becoming multipliers and initiators of these initiatives at local, regional or national level. I will share my experience in national and international projects, and i look forward finding out other experiences.

For whom?
20 young people, 18-30 years old

We will spend 7 days together, in June 2009, in a fairytale environment, in Cerna Sat, near a beautiful lake with water lilies and close to the cooling waters of Cerna.

My strong point
I am glad to be one of the 6 projects financed by the Council of Europe in 2009 in all the 47 member countries, and my parents are delighted to have this success from the first year of activity of the organization.

Creating communities