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I am … “WorDShop”

My motivation
I was born out of the desire to promote and use non formal education as a compensatory alternative to education in schools.

The idea
More than a “shop of words”, besides stimulating personal development of the pupils I invested in  growing young facilitators, giving them the opportunity to step along experienced trainers in the process of organizing trainings, from the need analysis to the actual delivery  and further evaluation.

For whom?
I focused on investing both in pupils’ development, the voluntary beneficiars of my sessions, and in young trainers who are at the beginning of their careers.

I was concieved as a program of non formal education, with the purpose of giving  value to youth through the insights produced during the trainings on personal leadership, global responsibility, antidiscrimination, team work and orientation in volunteering

My big point
Is that I explored the development needs of youth and I was the experimental project, the inspiration point for the “YIA … Training for Action!” project, financed by Youth in Action.