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We invite you to a different 1st of May: EcoMarathon!

is both an alternative for spending the 1st of May and an alarm on the responsible attitude we need to have towards nature!

What is it about?

It will include three seperate races: a marathon, a cross and a race for children. More details and registration are available on

Come run or just to admire the extraordinary landscapes and encourage the runners. You’ll find new places, paths crossing meadows and forests, houses with an unique charm, colorful landscapes and the contrast between the green pastures and the snowy peaks of the Bucegi will give you the opportunity to not feel tired. Come and enjoy nature!


At Moieciu de Sus, at the foot of the Bucegi and Leaota Mountains:

The idea of this marathon started from the desire of a group of enthusiastic people to:
encourage as many people as possible to practice outdoor running and exercise;
promote the practice of ecotourism in harmony with the environment;
– encourage the exploration of the trails,landscape and traditions of the area;
– mark and introduce the marathon route on the local tourist map.

For whom?

is for lovers of outdoor exercise and mountains.

It is for both young people and adults, but especially for the child in each of us, the child for whom running is a natural thing.


1. It is recommended that the arrival in the area be made in a thrifty way (by train, more persons in a car, public transport etc)
2. If possible, the applicants` registration will be made online
3. The use of disposable bottles,containers etc. will be minimized, we recommend the use of their own containers or hydration devices carried in the backpack
4. Participants will not polute the environment, will not throw household waste or other items used while running. Rule violation results in disqualification.
5. Competitors are not allowed to shorten the route, the existing trails must be respected and the route marked for the competition, so we will combat soil erosion
6. Runners and accompanying persons are wanted to show a profound respect for nature
7. Organizers will use a minimum quantity of paper (partly for registrations and diplomas of participation); or we will opt for a diploma in electronic form;
8. Participants who wish to donate their equipment which is still usable, are encouraged to do so.

Registration and other details are available on