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I am … “YIA … Training for Action

I was born out of the desire of encouraging youth pro-activity, of inspiring them to transform the communities in what they want to do, according to “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

The idea
I will stimulate active citizenship for youth through increasing the awareness of the personal capacity of influencing communities, enriching the acquired knowledge for that and last but not list increasing the creativity of youth in generating changes at the level of the communities.

For whom?
For 25 young people of 16, 17 years old, form 5 high-schools from Bucharest.

Through the program YIA I offer them aces to an intensive program of trainings during which the will learn more through non formal creative methods about subjects like global responsibility, interculturality,  antidiscrimination, political culture, career and volunteer orientation, personal leadership, communication.

My big point
Is that I approach the problem from inside out, from the individual development towards creating the premise in order t generate changes in all 4 dimensions of active citizenship: cultural, social, economical and political.