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I appeared as a personal project, born out of the desire of one person to explore other cultures and corners of the world.


The idea:
We are the result of the relationships we pass through. A hitchhiking interaction lasts between 15 minutes and a few days, but can bring to our life unsuspected understandings and meanings.

My objectives:
– The trip from Nepal to Romania, with budget zero for transportation;
– The direct meeting with local people and local realities;
– Training activities in the itinerant countries;
– A natural, creative and simple-lived journey.

Hitchhiking, ‘train-hiking’, any type of hiking, passing through areas of conflict, but meeting sensational people. My story is written on http://pathzero.wordpress.com.

I speak about the freedom of being, about living in the present, authentic and self-expressed.
I promote the capacity of human being to reinvent itself, to fulfill its potentiality, to live profound and alive relationships.
Autostop pentru pace si suflet