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The personal development and vocational courses “The Third coffee” took place at Hobby Cafe, 34 Negustori street, Bucharest.

“The Third coffee” included, among others:

  • Iulian Olariu: Attitude and success
  • Silvia Tuvene: Toujours l’amour – about couples, from antiquity to modernism
  • Oana Popescu: Discover your territory – workshop of creativity and art therapy
  • Gelu Sabau: The origins and history of Gnosticism
  • Georgiana Vlahbei: “Window towards yourself”: painting and drawing workshop
  • Ligia Necula: You communicate, but are you convincing?
  • Radu Tudorache: Spirituality and personal development
  • Eduard Brutaru: History of Reiki seminar
  • Maria Francesca Dogaru: Game and theater, masks and… you…
  • Simona David: Communication – a personal experience
  • Olivian Breda: Growing blogs and bloggers
  • Mihai Iordache: Mandala – On the way to myself
  • Andreea Talmazan: Magic and alchemy
  • Monica Brandusescu: The privilege of being yourself

Signing up is open: please write on
[email protected] and specify the class you wish to take part to.

For more information, visit “Third coffee” web site.

A Treia Cafea

A treia cafea