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Together we learn, Together we change:

Seminar on Methodology and Quality of Peer Education

Hütten, Germany

The European Peer Training Organisation (EPTO), Bildungswerk BLITZ e.V. and The League for Education, Culture and Sport (LECS) are pleased to invite young people and professionals using peer education with young people to participate in a seminar on methodology and quality in peer education.
The seminar is organised as part of the campaign „Together We learn, Together We Change“ which is dedicated to the promotion of peer education as a form of youth activism contributing to the promotion of Human Rights, the empowerment of young people and overcoming prejudice and discrimination.
EPTO’s vision is of a world where people enjoy learning from each other how to embrace their differences and realize their unique potential. Towards that vision, EPTO develops and promotes peer training. EPTO is the only European youth organization dedicated to peer
training. It wished to convene youth serving organisations and support their work in providing quality peer training; programmes that support the development of the whole young person and opportunities to collaborate within the youth field but also with other sectors and disciplines.

What’s the aim of this seminar?
We would like to define indicators for high quality in peer education and develop a training kit on how to develop and implement a peer education projects upon these standards. This training kit will help those who want to create new peer education projects in their
organisation or who are interested in raising the quality in their programmes. EPTO will organize a pilot training course in October 2013 based on the training kit.
The seminar will be a forum where you can get to know other projects based on peer education. We’d like to invite you to share learning from successes and challenges and exchange best practices and methods.

How will we work?
In the spirit of peer education, we will learn from each other’s experiences and work towards the aim of the seminar by using real participative methodologies such as Open Space Technology (OST) and Technology of Participation (ToP).

What’s that?
In Open Space events, participants create and manage their own agenda of parallel working sessions around a central theme1. Thus, you have the opportunity to lead your own session, to participate in a discussion or to develop a new project. The only criteria is that it connects to the theme of peer education. If you have already an idea what you’d like to offer now, you can tell us in your registration.

Technology of Participation (ToP) is a set of methods developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) to work participative on a common project. The methods help to focus, work effectively and find a consensus in the group. We will work with ToP in order to create common indicators on a good qualitative peer education project and to develop the training kit.

What will you gain?
• Get to know other peer education projects and their working methods.
• Learn from EPTO’s experiences working with peer education on issues of diversity for 17 years.
• Network during the seminar and find new partners for future projects.
• Create new projects dealing with peer education.
• Get to know the methodologies of open space and technology of participation.
• Be part of a leading group contributing to the recognition of peer education and improving its quality in Europe

Practical Information
When: 14th- 19th of May 2013
Language: The working language will be English.
Where: Youth Education Center – Hütten, Germany
or at google maps:,+Kr%C3%B6lpa


The participation fee costs 25 Euro. The Youth in Action Programm covers your travel expenses to 70 % which will be reimbursed to you after the seminar.

Criteria for participation
The seminar targets young people and professionals working in peer education projects (or who worked in such projects in the past). Right now we have partners in the following countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Romania and Turkey. If you are interested to participate, but you are not living or working in one of these countries, please contact me separately.


Please complete the registration in English. Please return before the 23rd of April 2013 to: [email protected]

Home phone number:
Cell phone number:

I will need a visa: yes/no
Your organisation name:

Describe the peer education project you’ve been involved.

What was the added value of using peer education?

What was your role in the project?

Would you be willing to offer a workshop/showcase your work in the seminar?
[The workshop should take about 90min and deal with peer education. Please describe shortly what you’d like to present.]