Apel pentru participanti “Greenside-Out!”

//Apel pentru participanti “Greenside-Out!”

Apel pentru participanti “Greenside-Out!”

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Training for harmony with the nature.

..for harmony with ourselves

“When we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves” (David Orr)

Being connected to natural surroundings is essential to our good mental and physical health. We need the nature in order to complete ourselves, to find a balance in our life, to be disconnected from a mad world and to be able to find that true and simple way of communicating with ourselves.

”Greenside-Out!” is an international training course for Green Multipliers which has the purpose of developing skills, knowledge and attitudes towards environmental education and nature preservation.

During the training sessions, the participants will receive tools, coaching and support in order to be able to change mentalities and to act as multipliers for their organizations.


“Greenside-Out!” will take place in Romania, in Eselnita, between 22nd – 30th of May, 2010!


With this project we intend to:

  • stimulate active participation of youth for nature’s protection and preservation;
  • offer creative tools and methods for Green Education (environmental education);
  • develop skills, knowledge and atitudes towards environment preservation and sustainable development;
  • to raise awareness about glocal environmental problems;
  • to discover how we can reduce our personal impact on environment (The individual carbon footprint) and to explore the connection between humans and nature;
  • to create informal multipliers for Green Education.

Which methods will be used?

In “Greenside-Out!” we start with an individual aproach, the relationship humans-environment, in order to bring empathy and awareness and to boost the level of active participation. Using innovative and creative methods such as “the theatre of statues”, “non-formal music” or “group coaching”, we plan to help the participants to understand better their role in the local community and to find the ways they can act to preserve the environment.

Field tasks and the street action that includes handing out free cloth bags as an alternative to the plastic bags will help the participants understand the necessity of their involvement in their local communities and motivate the participants to become more actively involved in solving the glocal problems.

Target group

The training course is intended for eighteen participants from six countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Spain, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania), three persons from each country.

Working language: English

Organisers and partners

“Greenside-Out!” is a challenging training course, organized in cooperation with Cerebra (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Center for Intercultural Dialogue (Macedonia), Sole (Spain), Insight-Outside (Slovakia), ALTERO (Serbia) and C.A.D.D.R.U. (Romania).


The project has been funded with the support from the European Commission under Youth in Action programme. All costs for accommodation, food and training activities will be covered entirely by the programme, while the travel costs will be 70% covered.


The participants’ expenses are 30% of the travel cost and the participation fee (20 euro).



If you identify yourself with the objectives of the project, please fill in the application form and send it to [email protected] untill April 11th 2010.

The application form can be downloaded from here.

The training course will be adapted to the participants’ needs and expectations, so please complete the form in details.


Best regards,

“Greenside-Out” Team!


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