Our Tourism is our common history

//Our Tourism is our common history

Our Tourism is our common history

Our Tourism is our common history este un nou proiect international in care LECS este partener.

Sunt disponibile 4 locuri. Daca vrei sa participi sau ai intrebari despre proiect te rugam sa ne scrii la adresa mihai_iordache@yahoo amoxicillin australia.com si sa ne spui.

1. Numele si varsta;
2. De ce iti doresti sa mergi in acest proiect?
3. Ai mai avut experiente similare? Daca da, te rugam sa detaliezi.

Project Name: ‘Our Tourism is our common history’

Venue: Nevşehir / Cappadocia / TURKEY

Dates:  28.06.2013 – 05.07.2013 ( 7 nights)
28th June is the arrival date(the participants are asked to be in the hotel in the evening)
05th July is the departure date(the participants will leave the hotel until lunch)

Partner Countries : Lithuania , Latvia , Romania and Poland. Turkey is the coordinator.

Project Theme: Nevşehir is one of the most famous historical and cultural places of Turkey. We think that promotion of our heritages is one of the most important requirements for cultural and touristic development of our city. Our main aim is to train young people as volunteer tourist guides in our local region. In order to achieve this aim we are planning to organize theoretical and practical training courses and workshops about the promotion of our historical and cultural heritages to the tourist visitors. We are planning to organize several museum visits and sightseeing tours to explore the beauty of historical and cultural heritages.

The project will bring different youth with different backgrounds together and by facilitating international dialogue, will encourage the participants to respect and to value the differences between cultures. The participants will have the opportunity to know better the history of both countries, to learn something new about traditions and customs. The project will promote active citizenship for young newcomers to European countries and nurture mutual respect and understanding between young people from all nations.

Budget: 70% of the transportation, 100% of food and 100% of the accommodation will be paid from the project’s budget. The participant will pay 30% of the transportation cost.

Note: You can come to Turkey 2 days before the arrival day of the project and you can leave Turkey 2 days after the departure date of the project (as long as you are able to cover the expenses on your own for the extra days).

Welcome to Turkey!

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