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I was participating in a lot of trainings, but this one was surely the best. This project had the biggest impact in my life. I learnt that I’m not so afraid of the nature and also I learnt practical things (for ex.: how to reduce my carbon footprint). I spent quite of time watching in myself during the life coaching sessions and it motivates me to think even more of where I am in my life right now. – Ana Sretenovic/Serbia

I learnt how much people can affect the environment and that can we do to prevent environmental pollution. I also learnt that is really important to live in the present moment, because if we make projections about the future or we relive the past, we won’t be able to enjoy the beauty and the importance of the present moment. I changed my way of thinking about the environmental issues and I’ll do my best to abridge my carbon footprint and I’ll make a project with participants from this training, in order to spread the information I got knowledge of. – ?tefan Melu??/România

I’ve learnt how to lower my carbon footprint and how to be closer to nature and to help as much as I can. I think that the life-coaching part had a big influence on me, helping me to realize how beautiful life is and showing me how to give love unconditionally and to live in the present moment. I’ll try to be more eco-friendly and to show the others the importance of keeping the environment clean. – Arta Bajrami/Macedonia

I learnt how to reduce my carbon footprint in my everyday life. I think I can change some of my habits in my everyday life and have new eco-projects in the future. – Laura Nevoret/Slovakia

On this training course I learnt a lot of valuable things about the environment. I learnt how to cherish & respect the nature and all the things that a green environment has to offer to us. Also, I learnt that is really important to look deep inside of our souls, in order to help ourselves to become happier and stronger persons, because, by helping ourselves, we can create a better and healthier environment. I will spread the message of this training course because I feel that I really need to tell as many people as I can about this important issue and I will do my best to protect the nature and the environment. – Maja Kostova/Macedonia

I have learnt to communicate with myself and I realized what is important and what is not. I learnt how dirty we can be even if we are supposed to be ecologic people but also how I can reduce my carbon footprint. I think I will be more concerned about what I can do by myself to take more care of the environment and encourage other people to do the same. – Gloria Cristobal/Spain – Canary Islands

I learnt how to notice all the small things that I can change in my everyday life in order to be more eco-friendly. – Anette Ross/ Macedonia

I learnt a lot about myself, the others and the environment. I got motivated to multiply the experience further and I’m really connected with some of the people. I will have a better understanding of my environment because now I’m richer with ideas and knowledge. I developed myself further more on this topic and I learnt how to really care about the environment.  I also find important to see myself as part of the environment and so, in this way, I could really feel connected to surroundings and nature. – Tatijana Igic/Serbia

I think I learnt a lot of usefull things regarding this training. I’ve attended a lot of conferences and youth programs but this is the only one which really helped me to fiind my innerself, which is very important for my future work. I’m sure that when I’ll come back home, I’ll use the things I’ve learnt to make some changes in my community and to attract more people on the „Green Side”. – Iva Miljevic/Bosnia&Herzegovina

I was more impressed by the life-coaching & personal development parts and I understood that, even if the training course was about environment & projecting, when we were in practical situation (camping in the forest), we weren’t being very eco-friendly. But I’m really grateful of participating in this course because, in the other hand, I learnt a lot of new things and I met all this great people! – Victoria de la Cruz/Spain

I’m going home with a big luggage of usefull information regarding the environmental issues and with a better knowledge of myself. In this training I had the opportunity to learn that everything is possible if you have will and courage to get beyond the obstacles that life puts in your way. I’m very happy that I made contact with such a great group and that I made new friends. I’ll try to apply in my city everything I learnt here and I can ensure that my lifesytle will be more eco-friendly that it was until now. – Carla Mona Gîlc?/România

I learnt a lot about the cultural diversity of european youth and I was inspired by their positivity and their enthusiasm. I also learnt about the EVS and Youth in Action programs and their many applications for projects in Europe. I wanted to work more with young people in the field of environmental awareness and sustainable living skills and I will definitely move forward, creating projects with these programs. – Andrew Ziones/Spain

I developed a lot of skills, now I know how to take initiative and these are the most valuable things I’m leaving with. The trainers were giving a special attention to our personal development and this has a big impact on me and my way of thinking. I’ll be more active and soon I’ll start projects that will make changes in my city. – Dado Delic/Bosnia-Herzegovina

I learnt a bit more about the carbon footprint and that preparation & organization are really important for things to ride smoothly. I will make changes to reduce my carbon footprint, using some of the tips that were offered to me in this project. – Lana Lee/Serbia

I am more aware now that I can do a lot of things to help the environment; I learnt that change starts from yourself and that if you really want to get something in your life, it won’t be enough to sit and wait for it, you will have to act, to fight for it. – Alexandra Mari?/România