Call for participants: The Art of Diversity

//Call for participants: The Art of Diversity

Call for participants: The Art of Diversity

Call for participants: The Art of Diversity – Train the Trainer seminar for antibiased education using arts as method, 15th – 22nd July 2012 in Hütten, Germany

Bildungswerk BLITZ e.V. and the European Peer Training Organisation (EPTO) are pleased to invite young people from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Poland and Romania to apply for participation in our training course ‘The Art of Diversity – Train the Trainer seminar for antibiased education using arts as method’.

Objective and content
The Train the Trainer Seminar ‘The Art of Diversity’ is based on a Train-the-Trainer Programme developed by the European Peer Training Organisation (EPTO) and its partner organisations. Its goal is to train youth leaders to facilitate workshops that address issues related to: diversity, interculturalism, anti-racism, and anti-discrimination in general using arts as a method. Its specific focus is to train future peer trainers in using arts and creative approaches in the A World of difference programme.

The training is organised by Bildungswerk BLITZ e.V. in Germany in cooperation with EPTO and its partner organisations: EPTO Nederlands and Power4Youth in the Netherlands, 4motion a.s.b.l. in Luxembourg, Slovenia-Voluntariat?in Slovenia, LECS- “The League for Education, Culture and Sport” in Romania, EPTO Poland in Poland and EPTO Bremen in Germany.

The programme model used by EPTO comes from the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute.

It aims to help youth to:
– Be aware of their personal and cultural identity
– Recognise their own prejudices and stereotypes
– Recognise and confront prejudice and discrimination in all forms
– Develop empathy, critical thinking, and communication skills
– Create an inclusive environment
– Develop an action plan

Basic Principles
We believe that prejudice and discrimination operate on three main levels: the individual, interpersonal, and institutional. The activities are interactive, experiential, and are rooted in the principles of intercultural learning. Participants are asked to share experiences and opinions, to practice active listening skills with others, and to learn emotionally as well as intellectually. Participants are also expected to develop an action plan that demonstrates personal responsibility for confronting prejudice and discrimination in society.
Upon completing the Train-the-Trainer Programme, you will become an EPTO Peer Trainer.

You will be expected to organize and facilitate peer-training workshops and inform EPTO or your local member organisation about your training activities. These workshops can take place in schools or youth organisations, and they can last a few hours or a few days.
Criteria for participation
We are looking for 28 participants from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Poland and Romania. The training course targets multiplicators (such as social works, trainers in education, teachers, etc.) and interested young people who (want to) work or volunteer in youth education and or youth work.

Priority will be given to participants who…
– have experience or a specific interest in the fields of: youth work, social work, intercultural learning, diversity education, peace building, conflict transformation and mediation.
– are organised within or connected to partner organisations
– are currently active as volunteers or professionals in NGO work
– are committed to multiply the outcomes of the training course in their own work

Practical Information
When: 15th – 22nd July 2012

Language: The working language will be English.

Where: youth education center Hütten, Germany

or at google maps:,+Kr%C3%B6lpa,+Deutschland&hl=de&ie=UTF8&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=31.371289,86.572266&vpsrc=0&t=m&z=15

Please register until the 17th of June 2012!
Please fill in the application form – DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM.

The participation fee would costs differently depending on the country you are from, as buying a bread also costs different in Romania than in Luxembourg and the salaries are
therefore also different. To calculate the fee we use the Ecorates system from EYFA ( // as an orientation.

Participation fee of 70 ECOs equivalent in Euro:

  • Germany 77 Euro
  • Netherlands 77 Euro
  • Belgium 77 Euro
  • Luxembourg 77 Euro
  • Slovenia 56 Euro
  • Romania 30 Euro
  • Poland 40 Euro

The Youth in Action Programme from the European Commission covers your travel expanses to 70 %, your accommodation, meals and training during the seminar. Youth education center Hütten – Bildungswerk BLITZ e.V. Stefanie Kessler – [email protected] A fund is available for some of those who are unable to pay the fees. Please contact Stefanie Kessler from Bildungswerk BLITZ e.V. for general infos or Mihai Iordache from LECS for details on application and participation from the Romanian side.


Youth education center Hütten – Bildungswerk BLITZ e.V.
Stefanie Kessler – [email protected]
The League for Education, Culture and Sport – Romania
Mihai Iordache – [email protected]


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